5 Skin Care Tips You Might Not Know About

So, you know the general skin care basics,

But you might not know these.

What comes to mind when you think about general skin care tips? Probably the three-step system of cleansing, toning and moisturising, yeah? Oh, and to buy skincare products that are as natural as possible.

But there’s plenty of other general skin care tips many of you may not know about – but they are equally as important to keep it looking youthful. Speaking of general skin care advice, here’s something you might already know, but it’s important enough to repeat.

Don’t wait until your late 30’s or 40’s to use advanced, anti-ageing products. By starting with these products early, you’re helping to delay the collagen loss and visible signs of ageing.

Now, let’s look at a few of the general skin care tips that you might not know, yet.

  1. Face massages don’t just feel good, they do good

Who doesn’t like a face massage, right? Well, you’re going to love this general skin care tip. A facial massage helps stimulate fibroblasts (or cells) in the skin to release collagen or restore elasticity that we (naturally) lose with age. Facials with massage techniques are a great way to counteract this. So, ladies, start embracing this general skin care tip.

  1. Wash your hands first, then your face  

Yep, we know, this general skin care tip might sound obvious but it’s not. If you think your makeup brushes get gross and dirty… our hands carry over billions of bacteria at any given time. And that bacteria goes straight onto your face, so wash them first.

  1. Drink milk!

Milk isn’t only good for your bones as you age. This general skin care tip is a good one. As we age, you lose bone mass, including those in your face. This means your face will shrink as you age. The more you can delay osteoporosis by upping your calcium levels, the better your face will look.

  1. Don’t forget your vitamins

Are you taking your vitamins? This is bigger than a general skin care tip. It’s good for your overall health. Alongside your anti-ageing creams, the most important skincare ‘product’ every woman should have is a high-quality vitamin. As you age, make sure your vitamin regime includes antioxidants and omega-3 oils.

  1. Change your pillowcase, three times a week

While this general skin care tip might seem like overkill, it works. Hair products, oil, leftover makeup and dead skin are all over your pillow. And then, your face, once you lie down on it. Always keep your pillow fresh and clean to maintain a great complexion.

So, there you have it – our five general skin care tips. There are some old-wives’ tales, like cucumbers on the eyes, that we all know. But we hope you’ve picked up some new general skin care tips here. And speaking of general skin care, don’t just use any product that you find on the supermarket shelf. Be conscious of what you put on your face.

Don’t use any general skin care. Use specialised, botanical Nerium.

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