Calm & Soothe Your Skin, The Natural Way, With These Daily Actions

How to make your skin baby-bottom soft

Two words, beautiful. Skincare products.

And, this isn’t just because we’re skincare product specialists. You can tell the difference between someone who uses standard vs. naturally powerful skincare products.

One complexion is often red, irritated, with spots of acne and dull looking. The other is clear, pimple-free, and looks energised. We bet that you know which one is the latter.

It’s the type of skin we all want. Here are a few ways you can achieve it.

#1: Switch to botanically-based skincare products.

Hydrate and heal your face with skincare products full of vitamins and antioxidants. Your face and body go through a lot during the day, so it’s important to take special care of it. The best way to do this is through healing ingredients in skincare products.

When you’re deciding which skincare products to buy, look at the ingredients. You want moisturisers and cleansers that contain shea butter with vitamins A, C and E to ‘feed’ the skin. This will help avoid roughness.

Our day and night skincare product moisturising set has all these ingredients, plus many others like aloe vera, peptide blend, trehalose, glycerin and chia seed extract.

#2: Re-evaluate your cleansing routine.

Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face in the morning and night. Exfoliating once a week is enough to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and boost collagen. All of these things help achieve smoothness. Make sure your makeup brushes are also clean to avoid breakouts. This way, you’re not placing bacteria onto clean skin after using your skincare products.

#3: Improve your skin from within.

Maximise the effectiveness of your skincare products by making dietary changes. Start the day with foods like berries, which fight premature ageing (just like the natural ingredients in your skincare products). Eat fish twice a week for those amazing omega-3 fatty acids. This helps your skincare products by smoothing your complexion. And, don’t forget to drink loads of water to flush out those toxins.

#4: Protect your sleep. Exercise daily.

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. Aim for seven to eight hours of rest every night to rejuvenate your skin. Grab a bottle of our Age IQ night cream for that mask-like consistency you need while you sleep. This skincare product varies from the day cream, being thicker, with a few different ingredients that work deeply while you sleep.

Make sure you’re exercising regularly to reduce inflammation and free-radical damage, and regulating skin-significant hormones. Good skincare products (like Age IQ) will do this from the outside, too.

You see, smooth skin is within your reach. Just start by grabbing botanically-based skincare products.

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