Daily Moisturiser Vs. Night Cream

We know what you’re thinking…

Not another product!    

Don’t worry, girls. This one is going to be worth the little extra bathroom shelf space. More and more, we’re starting to realise the importance of a specific day and night cream. They both do different things, according to what your skin needs at the time.

There’s no doubting that a day moisturiser is a beauty staple. It’s a must-have in any skincare regime, regardless of age, gender or complexion. It’s different to that of a night cream because it prepares your skin for the day.

The makeup you’ll apply next. Outside pollution, the weather and the way our bodies sweat. All of these things can influence your skin and unlike a night cream, your daily moisturiser will be lightweight and protective. Wearing a thick, deep-healing night cream just wouldn’t work.

Your face needs to be protected from harmful UV rays. Hyaluronic acid is something to look for. This glow-giving ingredient helps keep your skin firm, plump and hydrated (especially if you’re out in the sun all day). Rosehip and camellia oils also nourish and moisturise.

Now, let’s talk about your night cream.

Think about how much your skin goes through every day. You wake up (after a good sleep and healing through a night cream) and wash your face. Then, it’s straight to the makeup draw, before walking out in all types of weather and pollution. See the importance of using a night cream to help your skin rest overnight?

Get a good night cream and it can erase the effects of the day, before they start to show. The night cream formula should be much thicker than your daily moisturiser, as it contains those powerful ingredients that heal your skin. That lovely, flawless complexion becomes your norm.

What to look for in a night cream?

So, what ingredients are we referring to? Well, if you’ve been with us for a little while, you will already know. But, for our newbie readers, let’s talk about a few of the things that should be in your night cream.

Vitamin E helps protect the skin from free radicals and UV damage. Collagen is also important in your night cream. Our peptide matrix is a combination of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan that restores firmness while you sleep. Hydrolyzed quinoa (yep, the food) guards against environmental stressors and soothes irritated skin. Oils like rice bran, castor seed and olus softens your face and hydrates with fatty acids. And of course, aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

All of these ingredients make up Nerium’s powerful night cream.

Use Age IQ night cream (then follow it up with the day version) for that refreshingly awake skin, every day.

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