Do This One Thing Every Day to Keep You Looking Young

Moisturising… we do it every day,
But, do we do it properly?

Okay ladies (and gents), we know that daily moisturising is a must. But, this ancient anti-ageing ‘rule’ isn’t just talking about the face. Although this is the part of ageing that we focus on most, face wrinkles, we need to look after of the rest of our bodies.

This is where a firming cream comes in. Just like your face needs an anti-ageing solution, so does your body. A standard moisturiser usually only hydrates temporarily. A firming moisturiser is designed to target the signs of ageing on your neck, arms, stomach and legs. All the parts that we forget about.

Our Nerium scientists have designed just one firming moisturiser that’s been approved by dermatologists for all skin types. Unlike other firming moisturisers (and standard ones), Nerium’s Body Contour cream nourishes and soothes, while treating cellulite, sagging and dimpled skin.

What makes this firming moisturiser so good? You guessed it – the ingredients. Just like all of our other curated products, this firming moisturiser is the result of the science embracing nature.

There’s Forskohlii root oil and Caffeine in the firming moisturiser, which both work together to help smooth and tighten the skin. Oh, and of course, the exclusive patented ingredient, NAE-8, which goes straight to those areas we’re so self-conscious about.

Just like your anti-ageing cream, your firming moisturiser should be part of your daily routine. But, it’s okay to do it just once, after you’ve showered. You might not be aware that hot water strips the moisture and oils from your skin. Even if you’ve used a hydrating soap, your body still needs a firming moisturiser to replace what’s just been lost.

Never skip the firming moisturiser.

While we’re on the topic of firming moisturiser, let’s quickly touch on how you should apply it.

While it might make sense to apply your firming moisturiser onto dry skin, it’s best to exfoliate first. Dry skin often has a build-up-up of dead cells, which makes it difficult for even the best firming moisturiser to deeply penetrate the top layer. The best time to apply the firming moisturiser is after your shower, when your skin is still damp.

Be careful not to rub too vigorously, either. And apply it consistently to all parts of your body.

While it’s tempting to use any lotion instead of an anti-ageing firming moisturiser, remember, it’s not just your face that gets wrinkles. Look at ageing from a holistic perspective. And Nerium’s firming moisturiser is one of the best there is.

Try it for yourself under our 30-day money guarantee program. Let this firming moisturiser work wonders to your full body while you sleep.

Your derrière… as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

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