Do You Know Your Skincare IQ?

How well do you know your skin? Beyond the ‘dry, oily and combination’ labels, do you know what your skin likes and dislikes? Is it different when you wake up to when you go to bed? What agitates it? Once you know everything about your skin type, you can tailor a plan to best care for it.

Take this test to give yourself a clear picture of your skin.

Many factors compromise your skin including environment, diet and nutrition. Skin needs vary based on the time of the month, the weather and how much sleep you’re getting. So, as these things change, does it make sense to update your skincare, too?

You can test a few different products but you want to get the foundation (your cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen) right. Find a regime that works for you, like the Nerium system. With the rest of your routine, listen to your complexion, as the dryness or oiliness can fluctuate.

Check your hormones and stress levels. You might need to adjust the amount of moisture that you’re applying to your skin over the month. Seasons change, and your skin needs will follow. Listen to what your skin’s telling you.

Exfoliation is another area of your routine that needs constant checking. Many women over-exfoliate which can lead to skin damage. The application of eye cream, masks and oils is also something you need to test.

While knowing your skin type is extremely important, adjusting your routine according to your complexion’s needs at any given time takes the cake. If you’re introducing a new product, apply it to a small area of the skin underneath your jawline. No irritation? Awesome. Welcome to the family, new skincare product.

Skin, like hair, changes over time. Have a suite of products that suit your skin on hand, and reach for the ones you need.

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