Free Radical Damage, And How to Protect Your Skin

What Are Free Radicals?

You’ve probably heard us talk about free radical damage in our day cream. All you know is that it’s not good for your skin. This is why one of the strengths of our Age IQ day cream is the way it protects against oxidative stress.

Why are free radicals a focus in our day cream?

Our bodies are a constant target for oxidative stress. Even something we do every day, like walk around outside, puts us under attack. Oxygen in your body splits into single atoms with unpaired electrons. They’re meant to be in pairs, so when divided, these atoms (free radicals) look for their other half. Cute, right? Well, not the result that leads to damage to cells, DNA, cellular membranes, and lipids (fats) stored within blood vessels.

The best way to understand free radicals is the way they ‘steal’ electrons through a process known as oxidation. Hence, why free radical damage is referred to as oxidative damage. You know how an apple goes brown? That’s oxidation in action.

The problem with oxidative damage is a wide range of factors causes it. Substances generate free radicals, like the food we eat, the medicines we consume and what we put on our skin – fried food oils, alcohol, tobacco, pesticides, and air pollutants. It’s also in the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Reducing oxidative stress requires a good day cream because part of why we age is because of this damage, compounding over time.

Hello, awesome antioxidants

Antioxidants make free radicals behave. They’re the molecules in cells that prevent free radicals causing a chain reaction, by supplying that electron. This is why our day cream is rich in antioxidants – the natural cleaner and ‘tidier’ of free radicals. As well as your Age IQ day cream, you can reduce oxidative stress through your diet by consuming lots of colourful fruits and vegetables. If you love berries, tomatoes, broccoli, and spinach, here’s your green card to eat them a lot. Herbs and spices are also a great source of antioxidants.

Be conscious of your exposure to pollutants. Wash your skin with a botanical cleanser and use your day cream to protect your skin from oxidative stress. Our Age IQ day cream targets past radical free damage, too.

There are two important ingredients in our day creams: TC3-Armour and SIG-1273®. Both are powerful free radical-fighting components that rid your skin of stressors accumulated during the day and helps combat the process that leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

The day cream is your most essential armour against outside pollutants. And the night lotion helps heal your skin and reverse the damage, while you sleep. Grab our Age IQ day cream to reduce your skin’s stress levels. Then, make sure your dinner plate is antioxidant-dense to give your day cream more power.

Don’t forget about proximity to radiation, consumption of substances, medications, and antibiotics, physical stress, pesticides and synthetic additives in your food. Age IQ day cream is powerful, but it needs your smart choices, too.

The day cream is specifically designed to catch rampaging free radicals, before they react with compounds and oxidise them.

Order your day cream under a 30-day guarantee program.

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