Healthy, Caffeine-Free, Ways to Wake Up

It’s 6.00am on a Monday morning and your phone alarm startles you from under the pillow. One eye still shut, you hit a button, any button, just to make it stop. Sometimes it lets you snooze for a little while longer. But that alarm is (mostly) unforgiving in the morning.

Even when you love what you do, waking up in the morning can be difficult – especially if you’re a night owl. While coffee might suffice on those especially hard mornings, it’s not something you can rely on all day, every day.

When you just can’t shake the sleepiness…

Instead of reaching for quick-caffeinated fixes, add these strategies to your day.

  • Get some Vitamin D

When you’re inside all day working, that plummeting energy could just be your body’s way of telling you to go outside. You need some fresh air to clear your mind. Have you ever noticed it’s when you’re doing nothing, like cleaning or walking, that you have those ah-ha! moments? It’s because you’re giving your mind space, without pressure or the need to be occupied. Plus, moving your body sends those endorphins pumping through it – the happy hormones.

  • Have a snack

Working when you’ve skipping breakfast or are going on a long stint without food is next to impossible. Don’t let your energy drop because you’ll experience more than the 3.00pm slump. It’ll happen every hour. Go for foods that’ll naturally give you energy – like eggs, avocado, nuts and whole grains. That tiredness could just be a mask for hunger. Make sure you’re eating every three hours. Don’t forget your 2L of water, too.

  • Just breath

Feeling tired follows being stressed. You can increase your energy levels within seconds, simply by taking a few deep breaths. Give yourself 10 slow breaths every minute, to increase your cognitive abilities. This is the simplest and most effective way of eradicating drowsiness.

  • A splash of cold water

Give your face a midday break by splashing cold water on it. It’ll jolt you awake quickly, and feel nice on your skin. Our bodies have physiological responses to water, which will bring it out of the restful state. Also, this is where good skincare comes in, especially in the morning. Choose products, like IllumaBoost, to brighten your skin and erase those red, puffy under-eye circles with a good Eye Serum.

  • Litte extras

Sit up straight at work and leave a pack of gum on your desk, too. Oh, and peppermint oil.

We all seem to be tired these days, but often, it’s a symptom of something else. Check your stress, don’t overwork yourself, treat your body to good food, regular movement, and eight hours of sleep every night.

Then, let Nerium’s products work their magic, while you clock up your hours of beauty sleep.

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