How A Day Cream Is an Important Part of a Pain-Free, Anti-Wrinkle Regime

Beauty isn’t pain,

Or at least, it doesn’t have to be…   

That saying has lingered and affected our perception of beauty. You don’t have to suffer to look great, but there are new habits you should instill in your daily regime. One of these is using a day cream.

It’s so simple that many of us don’t even consider it – thinking that an anti-wrinkle regime needs to be more comprehensive. Day creams, as with all other anti-ageing products, are a long-term approach, unlike surgery. But if you’re patient, you’re going to see the power a good day cream has on your skin.

But, patience is key here. A day cream isn’t going to minimise your wrinkles overnight. No other product or procedure that can do this – only those that show results faster than others.

The good news about using a good day cream is it’ll make your skin look and feel great, immediately. Our day cream, Age IQ combines natural, scientifically-proven ingredients with innovative Nerium-exclusive blends (that aren’t found in any other day cream).

Jojoba esters give your face that soft, supple feeling, while vitamin C strengthens its immunity. Green tea guards against environmental damage and peptide blend supports natural collagen production. Then, there are our special day cream blends that feature the antioxidants, bidens pilosa and mauritia flexuosa fruit oil, to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

After applying this day cream, your face will appear firmer and more youthful. There’s also a South American plant, bidens pilosa, which has been shown to have effects similar to retinol products, without irritating it.

A day cream that’s designed to fight wrinkles can’t be compared to a regular moisturiser or even your night cream. We know our skin has different requirements in the day, which is why it needs special ingredients.

Don’t be tempted to book an appointment at an anti-ageing clinic for Botox or facial injections. Give your night and day cream regime a chance. You’ll see how it transforms your skin, both immediately and over time.

Keep your skin healthy and invest in a good botanical day cream. It’ll address and balance the issues that affect your skin on a daily basis like dryness, breakouts, lifestyle habits, pollution and sun.

Get a radiant, glowing complexion with Age IQ day cream (and its complementary partner, the night lotion). You’ll love how this day cream is specially formulated to nourish all skin types. Our scientists have sourced active botanical ingredients that are non-greasy, naturally scented and perform specific functions.

Grab a bottle of Age IQ day cream and transform your skin.

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