How A Good Facewash Can Cleanse and Clear Your Skin

‘Wash off’ the day & prep your skin to be acne-free

Nothing beats that feeling, getting home after a long day and washing the makeup, sweat, and dirt off your face. Almost all facewash products take care of this step – the cleansing.

But there’s the second part, the restorative aspect, that most people don’t consider when choosing a facewash. A good cleansing product will have acne-fighting ingredients that keep your skin clear (not just clean).

And we’re not talking about those supermarket facewashes that agitate your skin. There’s plenty of natural ingredients that keep your face acne-free. Empower your skin and fight off acne, without using harsh, synthetic ingredients.

A botanical facewash will harmonise your skin. If you’re suffering from acne, using those standard facewash products usually add to the irritation and inflammation. The best thing you can do is check what’s in your facewash.

What to look for in your facewash

So, you know alcohol, fragrances and chemicals damage your skin. Now, we’re going to explore a few of the ingredients that energise it (and keep it looking young).

Tea Tree Oil

This natural oil has a great ability to destroy bacteria. It’s extracted from the tree and, when used in skincare (like a facewash), performs similarly to benzoyl peroxide. Talk about a healthy alternative to fight off pimples.

Willow Bark Extract

You might not know that willow bark is a natural version of salicylic acid (which is in many of our skincare products). It’s long been used to prevent acne, by keeping your pores clear. Look for willow bark extract in your facewash or moisturiser. See ya, pimples.

Green Tea

Much like the other ingredients, green tea provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. It’s a popular ingredient in our products, as it fights off infections. We love this antioxidant because of its healing abilities. Even if your facewash doesn’t have green tea in it, make sure your moisturiser does. It’s a secret weapon in the overall health of your skin.

Keep these ingredients in mind the next time your facewash bottle is running low.

Nerium’s Double Botanical Cleaning Facewash, 2 x the clean, infinite results.

Our team of scientists developed one facewash product. That’s it, just one. One that does it all. It’s made up of clary sage oil, glycerin, niacinamide, coconut-derived surfactants, rosemary leaf oil, and our Nerium-exclusive blend, Sea3C™.

Your skin’s also going to love the sea whip extract, betula platyphylla japonica juice, and raffinose.

You’ll feel like you’re on a beach holiday, every day. And your skin will look like it, too. Our facewash cleanses and removes impurities, deeply moisturises, supports the natural barrier, plus tones and soothes.

Yes, our facewash cleanses and clears your skin, but oooohhh… it does so much more.

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