How Botanical Skincare Ingredients Can Transform Your Skin

Switch to a botanical face wash

While organic has been all the rage in food, we’re seeing a new healthy lifestyle shift emerge: botanical ingredients. But this time, we’re talking about botanical face wash products.

People want safe, gentle ingredients on their skin and a botanical face wash does just this. Powered by botanical extracts that actually work, you can cleanse your skin, without damaging it.

There’s always been a concern that organic and botanical face wash products don’t work as well as those with chemicals. So, we ditch the good botanical face wash and reach for something cheap but feels like it cleans well.

The good news is, with a good botanical face wash, you don’t have to choose between this clean feeling and safety. Let’s talk about some of the ingredients commonly found in botanical face wash products.

There’s plenty of naturally powerful ingredients in today’s botanical face washes, but here’s a few.

Green tea & grape seed

Okay, green tea. It’s one of our favourites and while not in our botanical face wash, it is in our other anti-ageing skincare products. Green tea extract is famous in the skincare industry for its astringent properties. A natural source of antioxidants (such as vitamin C and E), green tea minimises the signs of ageing from external factors.

Alongside our botanical face wash, check out our products with green tea in it.

Now, grape seed. This extract has been proven to protect the skin’s elasticity to give you a soft and smooth texture. Again, it’s not in our botanical face wash, but it’s found in other Nerium products. You’ll love the supple look (and feel) it gives you.

White willow bark & rosehip

Cool names and amazing botanical face wash ingredients. White willow bark extract is a common botanical face wash ingredient. It’s also common in creams and lotions. Why, you ask? For its natural ability to manage the oiliness in your skin.

And then, rosehip. It’s a vitamin C-rich botanical face wash ingredient, well-known for its natural antioxidant properties. We use it in our skincare products to promote elasticity and maintain the suppleness of the skin. Rosehip also has great soothing properties.

Rosemary leaf & clary sage oil

Did somebody say sage? What an ingredient to have in a botanical face wash. It’s a masking agent known for its calming and soothing benefits. And rosemary leaf oil deeply conditions. Yep, you guessed it. They’re both in our Double-Cleansing Botanical face wash.

Take your skin on a summer holiday.

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