How to Combat Uneven Skin Tone

With summer coming up, you’re focusing on your bod.

But, don’t skip healing uneven skin tone.

Many of us have uneven skin tone without even knowing it. So, first up, we’re going to explain what uneven skin tone is, and how it develops. The simplest way to tell if you have uneven skin tone is patches on your face. You might cover these uneven areas up with primer or concealer, but they’re hard to ignore when your face is product-free.

Walk to the bathroom and look closely at your reflection. You’ll probably be able to spot uneven skin tone and varying colours. Maybe it was that day in the sun when you were a little lazy applying sunscreen. Patchy sunscreen application results in patchy skin. One area is darker than another and those browner spots (uneven skin tone) stand out against the lighter parts of your face.

There are three main culprits that cause uneven skin tone.

Once you educate yourself on the causes of uneven skin tone, you can reduce the exposure to these triggers.

  1. Sun exposure: Us Aussie gals love that sun-kissed look – there’s no denying it. But we want to pose a question to you: Is that fading tan really worth it? Too much time in the sun prompts your skin to produce excessive melanin. These pigments absorb UV rays, which damage skin cells, making the exposed areas darker than others – hyperpigmentation. We’re talking about those beach days. After a few beers and glasses of wine from the esky (and that carefree beached vibe), it’s easy to forget to stay sun smart. The uneven skin tone happens because the melanin is your body’s natural way to protect your skin from UV light.
  2. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: Has your skin suffered from any recent wounds? Scars may get darker and lead to uneven skin tone. If you’ve had issues with acne in the past, you’ll know what we mean.
  3. Hormonal changes: Are you taking birth control pills (or have done so in the past)? Pregnant? The hormonal imbalance may cause melanin production (which we mentioned before). Just like sun exposure, the melanin production from changes in your hormones can cause uneven skin tone. Watch your beauty products because they can also cause brown spots to emerge.
  4. Ageing: And of course, getting older. Age-related spots and general uneven skin tone can happen naturally, as we journey through the decades.

You know what’s coming next. The solution!

And yep, you guessed it. It’s our uneven skin tone-eradicating Age IQ set. It arms your skin with the best botanical ingredients to tackle sun damage (while protecting you from it), minimises scars and targets various signs of ageing.

It’s the most effective moisturiser for uneven skin tone for a number of reasons. One being our Nerium-only blend, SIG-1273®.

It’s a scientifically engineered, intelligent molecule developed based on 20 years of research. SIG-1273 is a dual-action molecule that boosts the skin’s ability to combat the oxidative stress that can lead to skin discolouration.

Age IQ is going to change your skin. Heck, your life!

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