How to Perfect Your Skincare Routine

Choosing and applying your skincare products isn’t exactly something that’s taught when you start to use them. Your best bet is making sense of the short instructions or asking a girlfriend what her skincare routine is at your next coffee date.

The tricky thing is, your skin needs change as you get older. While in your teens, your skin may have been oily, but now it’s more prone to seasonal agitations. The variations of what makes a product work for your skin are almost endless. You could be stressed or travelling when you try something, or it could be during winter when your skin is often dry and flaky.

It’s important to get to know your skin, without putting it through hell to find the ‘right products’ for you. So many girls do this. Every time they do their grocery shop, they pick a different product off the shelf. The problem is, all these store-bought products have many of the same (nasty) ingredients.

Finding your skincare soulmate

It’s less about the products & more about how they’re used.

Of course, product quality is a no-brainer. At Nerium, we’ve dedicated decades of time and millions of dollars into finding the perfect balance between science and nature. But, we can’t disregard the importance of the way products are used.

Maximise performance by sticking to the golden rule of skincare. Start with the lightest product and go heavier, when you’re ready.

Alright, pull out your towel and get ready to start your day.

Step 1: Cleanser

Your goal here is to remove any makeup, sunscreen or residue from your skin. Make your face damp and, using the Double-Cleansing Botanical Face Wash, pump three squirts of wash into your left palm. Use both hands to foam it up on your face to create a milky lather. Dry your face.

Step 2: Toner 

Your first step, post-wash, is to tone the skin. It’ll prep your face for whatever products follow it. Don’t worry if your skin is still a tad damp. Toning works best that way.

Step 3: Moisturise

Grab your Age IQ Day Cream bottle and squirt two amounts into your palm, followed by the Illumaboost Brightening and Shield. Two pumps should do. Mix them with your finger and apply to face with an upward, circular motion.

Step 4: Serum  

It’s time for that little white bottle of Eye Serum. Pump two squirts, one for each eye, and gently smooth the serum under each eye using your ring finger, and let it dry for about 30 seconds few seconds.

Step 5: Sunscreen   

The last part of your daytime skincare routine is applying SPF. Put it on last to make sure you’re sealing in the rest of your skincare – protecting your face from harmful, wrinkle-producing UV rays. But let your skincare settle in before you put it on. And if you’re using makeup, take a breather between the two routines.

See? Good skin is only five, simple steps away.

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