How You Can Work from Anywhere in The World

Post-holiday blues: it’s a real thing. You’ve been travelling and just when you started to finally relax, it’s time to go home. Reality strikes, and hard. You find yourself daydreaming about that beach, that meal, that new friend…

And while you feel extremely grateful to have had the experience, it makes life at home that little bit harder (especially at the start). But what if travel could be your reality? What if they didn’t have to be two separate things: work and travel.

Now, you’ve let that process for a second and your mind has probably conjured up images of you working with your laptop on a beach, you might start to think ‘it’s too good to be true.’

But technology has connected us in a way that it doesn’t matter where we are anymore. Offices hire contractors and freelancers from all places – around the corner, interstate or on the other side of the world. Communication happens online, now.

The rise of the digital nomad.

Go back to that vision of you, on a white-sanded beach, with your legs as your makeshift desk. Okay, the sand, wind and sun might not make this the ideal ‘office’, but you see where we’re going with this.

The work stays the same. Your office changes.

These people, and maybe you, are labelled as digital nomads. It’s a simple concept but one that many can’t get their head around – because it’s the “dream life.” Digital nomads use technology to earn a living, to travel the world. Work and travel are intertwined. One day, your office might be a beach, and the next, it’s a coffee shop or co-working space.

Running an online business takes away the two barriers that prevent people from travelling: money and time. If you’re working as you travel, and are bound by a traditional 9-5 holiday structure, travel becomes your reality.

Work from anywhere with Nerium, your business is your plane ticket.

Our ethos has always centred around lifestyle. Work shouldn’t just be about making money but allowing it to help you live an awesome, fulfilled life. With a Nerium business, you can take back control of how you live. Whether it’s working from home so you can be around your kids more, having time to take a guilt-free yearly holiday or going 100% nomadic, Nerium has different itineraries. Choose the Nerium adventure that suits you.

Our global model has been designed so you can build your business anywhere and market to anyone. It’s liberating, isn’t it. Where will you go first?

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