Ingredients Your Face Wash Should Have If You Have Sensitive Skin

Itchy, flaky, ‘angry skin’ needs a good face wash

The number of people with sensitive skin is on the rise. Sensitivity is becoming more common because we’re consuming more products now than ever. We’ve never had more choice with everything. But, this isn’t necessarily a good thing, when it comes to something as important as your face wash.

Before we talk about what to look for in your face wash, let’s explain the difference between sensitive complexions and sensitised skin. Some of us are born with naturally sensitive skin. It’s our genetic makeup that can’t be changed (but can be managed with a great face wash).

Naturally sensitive skin is usually thinner and more delicate. Blood vessels are close to the skin’s surface, so you’ll notice dark spots and under-eye circles more. You also won’t be a stranger to small, rash-like breakouts. Look for a face wash that has a pH level in synchronicity with your skin. Let the face wash prep you for maximising the hydrating, age-defying effects of a moisturiser with anti-inflammation properties.

Alternatively, sensitised skin is a temporary condition that can be reduced (if managed with a face wash and other healthy strategies). Lifestyle and environmental factors play their part in agitating your face. Grab yourself a naturally-based face wash to bring your skin back to normal.

Be conscious of these environmental issues:

  • Pollution (outdoor & indoor)
  • Cheap beauty products with fragrances & colourants
  • Soaps & perfumes
  • Over-exfoliating
  • Too much sun or heat
  • Unpredictable climate (e.g. exposure to wind, dry air, dry heat)
  • Smoking, alcohol & caffeine
  • Emotional & physical stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Medications
  • Poor dietary choices.

Don’t get overwhelmed. We understand many of these things are a natural part of life that can’t be avoided (right, coffee addicts?) They can, however, be minimised with a good face wash in your daily routine. A solution like our double-cleansing face wash has miracle powers. Really, just try it. If you’ve ever used a face wash and experienced a burning, tight sensation, it was not good. Don’t believe the ‘no pain no gain’ myth. With a good face wash, it’s no pain, all gain.

The ingredients list will give you a glimpse into how gentle the face wash is. For example, Nerium’s double-cleaning face wash calms and conditions the skin with rosemary oil and clary sage oil. Glycerin supports its natural barrier plus sulfate-free surfactants, sourced from coconuts, cleanses it thoroughly – ready for the moisturiser to get to work.

We’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: you should not be able to feel anything on your skin as you’re cleaning it. No stinging, tingling or burning. The only thing you’ll notice is how soft and clear it looks (and feels).

It’s that simple, folks.

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