MAFS Star, Tracey Jewel: My Journey to Beautiful Skin

Tracey Jewel is a reality TV star, author, professional speaker, awarded businesswoman, and above all else, a mother. Tracey unexpectedly forged a position for herself as a role model for women, and takes this role seriously. Tracey encourages all women to embrace and love themselves. Today, Tracey shares with us her personal journey to beautiful skin

Stressed Skin

There’s nothing like the stress of doing a reality TV show, combined with long filming hours and flights to lead to having stressed skin and cystic acne breakouts.

I’m not usually one to wear a lot of makeup, but the insecurity of having acne, especially being on camera, led to me wear layers of thick makeup. This just made my face worse. My cheeks were covered in angry, red, sore acne, triggered by the stress of filming and what I went through on Australia’s Channel 9 reality television program; Married at First Sight (MAFS).

During this time, I broke out in the most horrendous acne I’ve ever experienced. Having red, painful lumps all over my chin and cheeks, destroyed my confidence and affected everything I did – it triggered so much anxiety.

Testing All the Treatments

I tried a range of treatments in between filming days; including peels, light treatments, masks, acne spot treatments and it only made the situation worse. The more I did, the more stress I had on the show, the more I broke out. While on camera, I felt that everyone would be looking at me, judging me and would comment about my acne – which they did! It was like they just wanted to find fault with me.

People think that if you’re on TV, they can comment and say whatever they want about you because you’re putting yourself up for criticism. But the impact of this has really affected me.

On the show, I opened up to the girls about my acne and how much it was ruling my life and shaking my confidence. A friend told me about a new skincare line called Nerium International. She said the products helped reduce inflammation and excess oil.

Discovering Nerium

I thought why not give it a go, and within three weeks, I found my skin had noticeably improved! Two months on, my skin was virtually clearer, despite the renewed stress of the show now airing on television.

With my skin now under control, I use Nerium products every day and I feel confident. It’s almost hard to believe what I suffered through while filming with terrible acne only a few months ago! Today, I’m confidently posing for close-up photographs that reveal my new, fresh and flawless complexion thanks to Nerium International.

We hope you have been as moved by Tracey’s story as we have been. If you or a friend also have an inspiring Nerium story like Tracey’s, we would love to hear it – contact

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