My Skin’s Great! Do I Really Need to Use Anti-Ageing Cream?

Do I need Anti-ageing cream? 

You’ve just run out of moisturiser and you think, is it time to switch to an anti-ageing cream? One look in the mirror and your answer is No… I look great.

But the thing many of us don’t realise with anti-ageing cream is that it’s a preventative strategy. Even if your skin does look amazing, an anti-ageing cream will help keep it looking this way. The younger or sooner you start using anti-ageing cream, the better your skin will be in the long-term.

And if you can find an anti-ageing cream that’s botanically-based, it’ll keep your complexion naturally clear and energised. You won’t need to rely on special solutions for acne (like you did when you were younger) or other common skin conditions.

Our anti-ageing cream set, Age IQ, is designed to nourish, hydrate, replenish and empower your skin. You might even forget that it’s an anti-ageing cream, given how great it makes your face look and feel.

Know what’s in the products you’re using

Those hidden acids in your scrubs and fragrances in moisturisers damage your skin. Often, it’s without you even realising it. Spend some time educating yourself what ingredients are in the products you’re putting on your body.

Anti-ageing creams usually gravitate towards the more natural side. But, this isn’t always the case.

Even if you don’t believe your skin needs an anti-ageing cream to reduce those small wrinkles you have, the motivation to switch over could simply be for the natural ingredients.

In your 20s, cell function is still normal. Many anti-ageing creams stimulate cell turnover by including ingredients like glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids. These inclusions you won’t find in your standard creams – ingredients that keep your skin young and revitalised.

Moving to an anti-ageing cream in your early to mid-20s can seem like overkill. But remember, your skin deserves those naturally powerful ingredients. You’re going to thank yourself many years from now. Trust us.

While our anti-ageing creams, Age IQ, can be started at any time (they target current signs of ageing), earlier is always better. Let go of any stigma surrounding anti-ageing creams, and focus on what you’re putting on your skin instead.

Understand what ingredients your body needs, learn about the products you’re using, and ‘listen’ to your skin. What is it telling you? Is it often dry or too oily? Are you constantly battling acne or irritations?

Botanical ingredients can treat these issues. So, why not choose a product that will keep you looking young at the same time.

Learn more about the benefits of Age IQ. Then, try it under our 30-day money guarantee to watch it work for you.

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