Oily Skin? Here’s How to Get Rid of That Shiny Face

Simple hacks to control your oily skin

If you’ve got an oily complexion, you’ll know what we’re talking about. You wake up, after doing nothing but sleeping, to a shiny face. You’re ready to call the grease police, because you did everything right before bed.

Cleanse, face lotion and eye serum. But let me tell you a secret. When it comes to your face lotion, oily complexions can’t just use any product. Also, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you don’t need a face lotion, at all.

Your face lotion is actually one of the most important anti-ageing products to keep your skin hydrated. We’ve all suffered from oily skin from time-to-time, especially if you live in our glorious north.

Your hair will do funny things up there, too. Hello, crazy curls!

Face lotions & cleansers

So, back to your face lotion. Find a product that’s perfect for all skin types, like Nerium’s Age IQ face lotion day and night set. Why? Because it’s all about the ingredients. And you need certain things in your face lotion to help you fight those lines, wrinkles and spots.

Powerful ingredients like vitamin E, that reduces the formation of free radicals, centella asiatica to help tone and tighten along with a blended trehalose, glycerin and chia seed extract to remove environmental impurities.

And yep, our face lotions have all of this. Our botanical ingredients are gentle on the skin, yet harness the best of science, too. So, the face lotions work with a very small amount. You don’t need to worry that because it’s natural, you’ll need more of it.

Our face lotions harmonise your pH level and have proven effectiveness on oily skin. While we’ve been talking a lot about face lotions, your cleanser is also a key oil-balancing product.

Watch your wash and your makeup

Make sure your wash doesn’t dry out your complexion. Your skin will do the opposite – and compensate by overproducing oil. That’s a recipe for a shiny face if we’ve there was one.

Once you’ve cleansed and used a face lotion, keep your makeup minimal. Foundation can make your skin feel greasy, especially after a long day. So, if you do wear foundation, look for a non-oily version, also with natural ingredients.

Cocktails & spicy food

Sorry ladies. We know you probably love both of them. But, your oily skin sure doesn’t. Mouth (and eye) watering spicy food, washed down by refreshing cocktails, can exacerbate shiny skin. They dilate your blood vessels and cause you to sweat.

Do your best to understand your skin chemistry. That sheen is sebum. Those dead skin cells and lipids (fats) are secreted from sebaceous glands. In your anti-ageing quest, they’re actually your best friend – protecting from elements that suck moisture from your skin.

All you need is a good cleanser and face lotion to maintain the effects of it on your skin, before it turns from glowing to greasy.

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