Standard Vs. Botanical Face Wash. What’s the Difference?

You know what a standard cleanser is.

But what about a botanical face wash?    

Most skincare products you see in the supermarket aren’t naturally based. They feature dangerous ingredients like alcohol and fragrance, usually to ‘clean’ the surface of your skin. But, that comes at a cost.

Botanical face wash ingredients do the opposite – empowering your skin. You might read labels like natural, organic and botanical face washes. They all describe the same thing (that the botanical face wash is based on natural ingredients), but this doesn’t mean every product has the same things in it.

Botanical face wash products curate naturally-powerful ingredients to form a solution that actually works for your skin. These botanical face wash ingredients haven’t been processed and are known for their healing capabilities. This includes minerals, vitamins and fruits. Aloe vera, for example.

A botanical face wash also implies that it includes ingredients derived from plants and trees, like coconut.

Chemical processing isn’t used to create botanical face wash products. This makes them healthy for your skin and even better if you suffer from allergies, inflammation or breakouts.

And just because your botanical face wash doesn’t have alcohol, fragrance and other nasty chemicals in it, this doesn’t imply that it’s less effective. In fact, quite the opposite.

In our Double Cleansing Botanical face wash, we source natural ingredients that bring balance back to your skin, while cleaning it and improving the appearance. The components in our botanical face wash have been selected for a specific purpose.

Like clary sage oil, which is a masking agent, best known for its soothing powers. Or, rosemary leaf oil which deeply conditions your skin. Sea whip extract, betula platyphylla japonica juice and raffinose also take a leading role in our botanical face wash, as do some proven anti-ageing ingredients like glycerin.

When we say our botanical face wash is green, we mean it. Just check what’s in it, if you’re not sure.

Stay away from any face wash with parabens, synthetic colours, fragrance, lead or phthalates. And there are many more dangerous ingredients to watch out for. To stay safe, just stick to a botanical face wash product, like ours. Then, do this for your moisturisers and eye creams, too.

Try it under our 30-day guarantee program and see for yourself. It’s healthier for you, and the environment.

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