The Best Skin Care Products for Geriatric Grooming

Dermatologist’s Insights on Skin Care and Aging

There are specific, skin care products for geriatric grooming that can help you have healthier skin and look your best.

One of the biggest tips is to use products for seborrheic dermatitis! Seborrheic dermatitis worsens significantly with age. Most people don’t know this. The skin problem manifests as facial skin that starts to look “dry” along the nose, eyebrows, beard or mustache area, and in front of the hairline.

The ears get crusty and the scalp starts to flake. I’ve seen it over and over during my 30 years of general dermatology practice. I saw it happen to my Dad as he got older.

Now it’s happening to me, too, as I age into my 60s!

Face, scalp and ear skin that was once occasionally scaly and irritated now becomes persistently so. It’s not easy to hide, and it can be noticeable. 

Simply switching your skin care products for geriatric grooming to ones that address seborrhea will make a huge difference.


Using Calming Zinc as a daily face soap and 

Best skin cleanser for facial pityrosporum folliculitis - skin care products for geriatric grooming

Foaming Zinc Cleanser as a shampoo (and to wash the ears) help control seborrhea. 

Both products contain the full 2% pyrithione zinc, known to help seborrhea.

Get rid of dry scalp with this foaming cleanser. It's also the best cleanser for Pityrosporum folliculitis on the back and chest.

These cleansers work even better when you use something that lifts and removes scale:

  • Use a scalp scrubber with the Foaming Zinc when you shampoo your scalp.


Get rid of dry scalp with this scrubber
  • Use a wash cloth when you wash your ears to help loosen and remove any crust.
  • Use a facial exfoliating sponge with the Calming Zinc when you wash your face.
 Skin care products for geriatric grooming and more!

Skin suffering from seborrhea looks dry, but it’s not. The dry flakes are actually part of the rash. Treat the rash, and the flakes go away so skin looks and feels healthy.

These simple grooming substitutions make a huge difference.

Cleanse your face, scalp and ears with the right products, and you’ll be free of persistent crusting, flaking, irritation, and dry-appearing skin.

To learn more about the skin care products for geriatric grooming mentioned here, and other anti-aging products, click here.


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