The Easiest Ways to Protect Your Summer Skin

Get that summer glow without the damaging after-effects

If you’re like every other Aussie, you have an affinity with the sun. It’s no wonder – almost everyone lives close to the Australian coastline. While we all know the importance of using sunscreen, there’s another protectant that’s underrated: skincare cream. A nourishing, moisture-rich skincare cream.

When it comes to skincare creams, we often only start to think about the quality of the product after the damage has been done. Those sunspots seem to stick with you long after summer is over. No skincare cream will ever be a substitute for sunscreen and the way it protects against UV rays but, we’ve all run out of the house quickly without applying sunscreen – either because we forgot or assumed we didn’t need it (cloudy days).

This is where a quality skincare cream comes in. Take our Age IQ skincare cream (day and night set). It fights the appearance of fine lines, discolouration, uneven skin texture and sagging skin – all side effects of the sun-loving Aussie lifestyle. Being out in the sun also dehydrates you, and fast. Our skincare creams are highly-emollient, giving your face all the hydration it needs. It binds moisture to your skin and never lets it get thirsty.

The skincare cream that protects and repairs.

Our hand-picked ingredients are created, developed and tested by the world’s top universities and scientific labs. What we know for sure is this: the ingredients in our skincare creams not only address aging but also target its underlying causes. SIG-1273®, one of our patented dual-action molecules, combats oxidative stress you’re exposed to daily (that leads to fine lines and wrinkles).

So, now you know the two essential skincare creams: sunscreen and Age IQ. On top of your double skincare cream regime, keep your body hydrated. Drink plenty of water and keep an eye on the colour of your urine (this is a good way to tell if you’re dehydrated). If you plan to spend the day outdoors, prepare in advance by consuming a couple of extra glasses.

Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables that are high in water content. Watermelon, pineapples, grapefruit, oranges, cucumbers, apples, tomatoes, broccoli, celery and cauliflower are great sources. There’s a reason why salads are big in summer. A good diet will help the effectiveness of your skincare creams.

That dewy, youthful complexion doesn’t have to be seasonal,

When you have a good skincare cream.

If you love lazing in the sun (and even if you don’t), give your complexion all the nutrients and hydration it needs to look like it’s always ‘on holiday.’ Here are a few reasons why our skincare cream has its unique itinerary: Paeonia albiflora root extract, sodium hyaluronate, aloe barbadensis leaf water, vitamin E and C.

If there’s one skincare cream that can say it turns back time, it’s Age IQ.

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