The Leading Factors That Accelerate Skin Ageing

Some you know, while others might surprise you.

But all can be managed with the best anti ageing cream.    

When it comes to ageing, there are ‘rules’ we all know we should follow to stay youthful. Tanning is one of these no no’s, as well as smoking.

We don’t usually think about finding the best anti ageing cream until those wrinkles start to show. We live in a reactive society, but this is beginning to change. More attention is being placed on how you can reduce wrinkles and lines by using the best anti ageing cream (and being conscious of the things that compromise your skin).

Inflammatory foods.

If your diet is full of foods that cause chronic inflammation, you’ll see it on your skin (and even the best anti ageing cream will have a hard time). Sugary and processed foods cause havoc to your skin – and not just in the way of blemishes. They prompt inflammation in your body, which leads to wrinkles developing. Fill your plate with avocados, salmon, nuts, and cook with olive oil.

The best anti ageing creams will counteract inflammation and boost the cell renewal process (like our Age IQ set).

Loss of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Our bodies produce this hormone in the pituitary gland. In its long list of functions, it helps maintain skin composition (in coordination with collagen). But as you age, collagen production slows and as a result, skin becomes thinner and looser.

Another reason we believe we have one of the best anti ageing creams is the antioxidant we include, CoQ10. It supports healthy collagen production with peptide blend another key ingredient in the best anti ageing cream, naturally boosting collagen levels.


Your body needs water, and lots of it. When you consume alcohol or spend time in the sun for hours, your body becomes dehydrated. You’ll get thirsty, lethargic, and see it on your skin, too. These activities take the moisture from your skin, which is why using the best anti ageing cream helps to boost hydration again. The botanical ingredients in our product range work to put the moisture back into your skin.

Watching your stress levels, how much you’re sleeping, and being sedentary for too long, will help as well.

The best anti ageing cream is your best line of defence.

Give your body the best chance of fighting wrinkles, using one of the best anti ageing creams, Nerium’s Age IQ, and do your best to minimise those lifestyle causes, too.

We know Age IQ is the best anti ageing cream, but we want you to decide, too. Order the moisturiser set under our 30-day guarantee and see why it’s labelled today’s best anti ageing cream.

There’s plenty of reasons why it’s the best anti ageing cream – one being our exclusive, patented dual-molecule blends with hand-picked ingredients that combat the physical effects of getting older. Try the best anti ageing cream for yourself.

Age IQ is the intersection of science and nature, helping millions of people across the planet reclaim their youthful-looking skin again. Get the best anti ageing cream on your face. You’ll see the difference it makes not just to your appearance, but your self-confidence and your life.

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