The Link Between Your Skin Type & Face Cream

We’ve all done this before,

Used someone else’s face cream, then regretted it.

Did you forget your face cream and innocently use your friend’s? Notice the difference on your face immediately? Or wake up to your complexion looking a little dreary?

Even if the face cream brand your friend uses is a quality product, it simply might not suit your skin type. Before putting anything on your face or body, always check what’s on the ingredients list. There could be something in there that your skin reacts to.

If your face becomes agitated, see if you can rule out the ingredient that causes it. Take the time to understand your skin type and the type of face creams to use (and avoid).

Got oily skin? Avoid oily face creams that leave an uncomfortable residue on your face. But don’t stop using a face cream. As we’ve mentioned before, your skin still requires hydration and moisture. It’s just a matter of choosing the right face cream that’ll balance your complexion and is perfect for all skin types.

Let’s quickly recap on the main groups and how to tell which one you are.

You have large pores and a sheen that develops quickly after you’ve cleansed. This is a pretty easy skin type to spot.

If your face is often itchy, red, flaky or generally tight, you fall into the dry skin category.

Oily T-zone (that’s your forehead, nose, and chin) alongside drier skin on the cheeks? Your skin can’t make up its mind. Kidding, it’s a combination.

Prone to acne or irritations? It’s okay. You just have sensitive skin that requires gentle products.

You’ve got an even skin tone with no flaking or sheen. Lucky you!

Our Age IQ day and night face cream set can be used by any complexion. When formulating these face creams, our scientists take into account several factors that affect your skin, such as age, hormones, genetics and environment.

There aren’t many (or maybe any) face creams that can be used by all categories – normal, oily, dry, combination or sensitive. You’re probably wondering how one product, Nerium’s face cream, can help all types of skin? Well, it comes down to what’s in a product.

Botanically-based, naturally curated ingredients.

Order the dermatologically-tested Age IQ face cream set and you’ll see the power of a botanically-derived product. It’s the kindest face cream you’ll ever use.

Give your skin the best. And there’s no need to worry if your friend’s uses this face cream. It’s perfect for them, too.

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