The Part of Ageing Skin That No One Talks About

Can you guess what it is?

The thing that makes age-defying skincare products work harder

Most of us experience it regularly (maybe even right now). It’s stress. Now, we’re not talking about the environmental stress, although this is something that age-defying skincare products do target, like ours. Lifestyle causes the type of stress we’re referring to.

Being busy all the time, working in a high-pressure role, coming up against tight deadlines and a lack of sleep stresses you out and impacts your skin. You can see it on your face and in your expressions (again, another reason why you need age-defying skincare products).

It’s hard, we know. It seems stress is just a part of life we have to accept. If it’s not work, it’s your love life, money concerns or conflict about your kids. And while you might quickly resolve that specific stress, the effect of constant worrying causes those lines to form. But not if you use age-defying skincare products.

They’re called ‘worry lines’ for a reason

Here’s a scary fact. It’s not meant to stress you out but, instead, bring light to the seriousness of it. According to Dr Sanam Hafeez, when you’re under stress, you can appear up to five years older (and 10 years if you don’t manage stress or make changes to your life). A simple change you can make now is switching to age-defying skincare products.

Here’s what you’ll see show up on your face, and quicker if you’re not already using age-defying skincare products.

The delicate capillaries under your eyes can be broken if you’re stressed. You won’t only look tired, even though you probably will be as your agitated mind will not let you sleep. Age IQ, our leading age-defying skincare product, has a night version which boosts the cell renewal process to reveal younger-looking, stress-free skin.

Without seven to eight hours of sleep, fluid gathers in your lower eyelid area. Sleep makes you look better, so if you’re worried you don’t have enough time for it, re-read this. Beauty sleep, our friends, and one of the most nurturing age-defying skincare products for eye care is our serum. Supporting the skin’s natural structure, the leading ingredient, SIG-1191™, boosts collagen and minimises puffiness, dark circles, and lines. Another age-defying skincare product in our range is the hydrogen eye patches.

  • Wrinkles (the focus of our age-defying skincare products)

Well, we all know this one. Ever looked in the mirror when you’re anxious? Your eyebrows are furrowed and those forehead lines, prominent. Peptide blend and adenosine are two ingredients in our age-defying skincare product range (Age IQ) that help to diminish wrinkles.

Stress produces more cortisol, leading to a dip in estrogen. What follows is less collagen being produced which gives your skin that dullness. The best age-defying skincare products will focus on deep hydration to transform tired-looking skin.

Yep, just when you thought those awkward spots were a thing of the past. Stress hormones are the main reason why adults get acne. Calm your mind and your face (with age-defying skincare products).

And this is only a few of the effects that stress has on the skin; not to mention the rest of your body. While we can’t go through life without worrying or being anxious, there’s a difference when it becomes chronic. Let our age-defying skincare products take care of your face, then create your own stress-busting regime. Try physical exercise, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and journaling to relieve tension.

Get our age-defying skincare products, stress-free, under a 30-day guarantee.

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