The Power of a Good Anti-Ageing Cream

And it’s not just to minimise those wrinkles, lines & sun spots.

Anti-ageing creams have other benefits.  

Do you have sensitive skin? Suffered from irritations or seasonal issues? The smartest thing you can do is change your skincare products.

One of the main reasons why anti-ageing cream products are great, if you’ve experienced irritations, is because they use natural ingredients. Take our Age IQ anti-ageing cream set, for example.

We have three unique blends that serve specific purposes.

One of them, TC3-Armor, combines trehalose, glycerin and chia seed extract to protect against environmental impurities. So, if you notice your skin is ‘frustrated’ after spending a busy day in the city, this blend with shield your face.

Sodium hyaluronate gives your skin volume, aloe barbadensis leaf water moisturises it, vitamin C brightens your complexion, and centella asiatica tones and tightens it. Vitamin E protects you from UV damage and locks in moisture, so you don’t experience that crusty, dry sensation. All of the ingredients in our anti-ageing creams are specifically chosen for their own powers, but because they’re natural, they harmonise with your skin.

Improve clarity & smoothness with a botanical anti-ageing cream

It’s pretty cool to be able to use an anti-ageing cream set that works to empower and heal your face against the signs of ageing, while making day-to-day management easier.

That itchy skin. Those red ‘I don’t know why my skin flair’s up’ blotches. That persistent dryness. That pimple-creating oily complexion.

Whatever it is, a good anti-ageing cream, packed full of botanicals, can serve as both a long-term and short-term skin solution. It could be as simple as wanting to wake up with an energised complexion or go about your day looking fresh (without those under-eye red patches).

Being conscious about the ingredients in your anti-ageing cream, you can improve skin clarity and that alluring ‘I want her skin’ glow. Another Nerium-exclusive anti-ageing cream blend is SAL-14™. It’s a combination of the antioxidant bidens pilosa and mauritia flexuosa fruit oil to help address that frustrating discoloration that you can’t quite explain.

Before you use an anti-ageing cream, prep your skin with a botanical face wash, like ours. Get that smooth as a baby’s bottom feeling even before you apply that hydrating anti-ageing cream – all thanks to the power of this wash in removing the effects of pollution on your face. It also has a pH that works in harmony with your skin, so once you apply the anti-ageing cream it’s going to be extra ‘happy.’

Just like our anti-ageing creams, serums and oils are, choose a product that’s ideal for all skin types and are dermatologically tested. Nerium’s anti-ageing creams are gentle and gorgeous on the skin.

Go on. Try it for yourself as part of our 30-day, guarantee program.

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