The Reasons Why Every Skincare Regime Should Include A Botanical Face Wash

It’s about more than just cleaning with a botanical face wash

Cleansers, well, clean. Toners keep your skin firm. Moisturisers hydrate and prevent dryness (oh, and prevent wrinkles). This is all true, but there’s one part that’s missing. Cleansers. If it’s a botanical face wash, is also an important product in your anti-ageing fight.

Did you know this? If you didn’t, it’s okay. Most cleansers simply clean. But a botanical face wash also empowers your skin. Take our (one and only) botanical face wash. When you put it on, it’ll feel oily at first. It’s designed to seal in moisture before you add the water, then you’ll see the botanical face wash transform (into a milk-like consistency). We don’t call it the double cleansing botanical face wash for nothing.

As you wash it off, the dust, dirt, makeup and other debris from the day will disappear down the drain, too. How will your skin feel after the botanical face wash? Healthy, soft and moisturised. It’s also used to balance your pH levels, minimise skin discolouration, and hydrate. These are all important factors in your fight against wrinkles, lines and age spots.

With the botanical face wash for all skin types it’s easy to achieve healthy skin.

Get that soft and supple feeling before you even apply moisturiser. The better your botanical face wash is, the clearer your skin. This means your pores are less likely to clog, your circulation will improve, and you’re not putting cream over a dirty face. Your skin needs to be clear for the moisture to penetrate deeply.

Give yourself the best chance against the signs of ageing. Carefully choose natural products that have anti-wrinkle powers, like our double cleansing face wash, day and night creams, and eye serum.

It’s time to re-think everything you put on your skin (including cleanser you’re using). Switch to a botanical face wash and see the positive changes to your complexion. See you later, nasty chemical-filled ‘cleansers.’ And hello, new beautiful, glow-creating botanical face wash solution. Of the various natural ingredients in our botanical face wash, our exclusive, Nerium-only, blend is worth mentioning (again and again). Our scientists have come up with a powerful blend of sea whip extract, betula platyphylla japonica juice and raffinose, which are known to moisturise the skin. With other natural cleansing ingredients, skin conditioners and soothers, it doesn’t get more botanical than this. You can also expect, grapefruit, rosemary oil, clary oil, citric acid and many more natural powers.

Forget Botox. Organic, natural, and botanical ingredients are the best way to fight ageing. Why? Because they reverse and prevent future imperfections. Get started today with the first product in your skincare routine: your botanical face wash.

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