The Reasons Why Our Skin Ages at Different Speeds

I’m ageing but my friends aren’t!

You can’t blame your parents for your genetics. Thank them for giving you life, and the opportunity to minimise the effects of getting older. The best way to do this is with good anti-ageing skincare.

And you’re going to see just how much of a difference anti-ageing skincare makes. We’ve spoken about this before, but start with a cleanser, apply your day or night lotion, before moving onto eye serum.

You see, an anti-ageing skincare regime doesn’t have to be complicated. Three (or four including the two lotion versions) products. That’s all you need on your anti-ageing skincare shelf.

So, let’s go back to why your skin is ageing faster than others.

Intrinsic & extrinsic ageing

You might not be aware of this but we all age in two ways: intrinsically and extrinsically. Internal ageing is usually determined by our genetics. With age, the top layer of skin becomes thinner and transparent, appearing less luminous. Hello anti-ageing skincare.

The layer of skin underneath the surface starts to lose collagen and elastin, which causes sagging. Anti-ageing skincare boost your collagen levels to counteract this process. Fat usually disappears from under the eyes and those dark shadows show up (the ones that only used to come up after a late night).

External ageing, on the other hand, is caused by environmental factors, like UV rays and air pollution. This makes the effects easier to control, via a strict anti-ageing skincare regime. Products in our anti-ageing skincare range, like Age IQ, fights environmental impurities, shields the skin and reduces discolouration (among many other things).

As you can see, we all age at different rates, depending on our genetics and lifestyles. But we do all have one thing in common – the power to help our bodies, through the actions we choose to do every day plus, of course, anti-ageing skincare.

The next time you’re feeling blue about wrinkles, and questioning why you have them so early, remember we’re all different and empower yourself with scientifically proven anti-ageing skincare.

Wrinkles, skin spots & crows’ feet

Transform not just your complexion but your confidence, too, with anti-ageing skincare. Fusing the best in science and nature, we’ve curated a suite of anti-ageing skincare products that make taking on wrinkles, skin spots and fine lines something you don’t even have to think about.

Our anti-ageing skincare does it for you. Not sure which product to try? Well, under out 30-day guarantee program, you get to experience the power of our ingredients, without fear of it not working for you.

We do this because we know you’ll love our anti-ageing skincare.

Anti-ageing, pro-health.

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