The Secret to Clean, Baby-Soft Skin

Don’t forget your botanical face wash at night

Have you ever held a baby and couldn’t stop touching their soft skin? It’s a beautiful sensation. Well, here’s a cool thing. You can create this feeling too, by using a botanical face wash. Okay yes, it might not be as soft, but a botanical face wash will get you pretty close.

Our botanical face wash has a lightness that makes it hard to believe in its powers. When applied, it goes on as oil and lathers when you add water, washing away impurities and leaving your skin feeling fresh. There’s nothing quite like letting newly-cleaned face rest on a pillow. Soft on soft. This is what a good botanical face wash can do.

If you need to shower in the morning to wake up, your nighttime skincare routine becomes even more important. And it starts with an excellent botanical face wash. That resting-on-pillow feeling we mentioned? You can’t achieve it without using a botanical face wash.

Think about all the things you do during the day

The traffic. The constant re-circulation of indoor air. The sweat session. The house clean. The public bathrooms.

Sorry folks, but there’s no getting around washing your face at night. You can’t skip doing this (and you don’t want to, either). Using a botanical face wash, you’ll fall in love with the feeling of cleansing ‘the day’ off your skin. Trust us.

By cleaning your skin, you’re not only removing the impurities but also making sure your pores don’t clog. With a botanical face wash, though, it’s also one of the most important products in your fight against wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and pigmentation – all things that make you look older and compromise the softness of your skin.

Another critical point to remember is that many cleansers actually dry out your skin. This is because of the nasty chemicals they use. And if it’s not followed up with a great moisturiser, your skin will cry out in the form of flakiness and dryness. A botanical face wash will hydrate your skin as it cleans. Our double-cleansing botanical face wash won’t strip the skin.

The best natural botanical face wash there is

Try our botanical face wash that’s full of all the natural goodness – ingredients we include specifically to moisture, hydrate, and give you that baby-like skin. Get your new botanical face wash today under our 30-day guarantee. Don’t like it? No problems. You can return it within the month. We know you’ll love it, but we want to give you peace of mind (especially if you haven’t tried Nerium before).

Once you go Nerium’s botanical face wash, you won’t go back.

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