This Is the Perfect Time to Start a ‘Skin Detox’

The skin care products that constantly renew you.  

As we come closer to the end of 2018, we’re starting to think about how we can start the New Year well. Many of our resolutions are focused on health, like getting fit. But with the skin being our biggest organ, it’s a great time to focus your resolution on this.

Let us tell you a secret. Detoxing your skin isn’t just about daily face masks and juice fasts. It can be as simple as switching your skin care range to botanically-based products. Let’s remind ourselves what a detox is. It’s a process of removing toxins or unhealthy substances from the body.

We usually think about a detox in the context of diet. But every day, we’re exposed to so many toxins, through pollution, cleaning products and skin care items themselves. All of these external influences affect the health of your skin.

Skincare that celebrates wellness.

Even if you follow a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to choose a skin care brand that won’t further stress your organs. Picking up just any skin care bottle from the supermarket shelf is like eating fast food. Be intentional about what you use to cleanse and hydrate your face, by checking what’s in the skin care product.

We know tired, stressed skin ages faster. Your ‘detox’ can be as simple as updating your skin care range to empower your body with proven antioxidants, peptides, plant extracts, and vitamins. Not only will natural skin care products cause less damage and detoxify your body, they also take a restorative role – erasing the effects of ongoing exposure to toxins.

While we can’t speak for other skin care products, this is what ours does – it doubles as both a healer and protector. A Nerium-only skin care blend makes this possible: TC3-Armor™


Our proprietary blend developed in Brazil, TC3-Armor includes active natural ingredients like chia seed extract, as well as trehalose, xylitol, and glycerine. It’s a natural detoxifier, as it protects against and removes urban stressors accumulated during the day. This skin care product helps keep your complexion healthy, brighter and energised.

Learn more about our transformative, detoxifying skin care suite of products.

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