What Is Double Cleansing & Why You Should Do It

Face WashRead this, if you wear makeup.

Okay, we’re glad we’ve got your attention. We want to talk about something that can improve the look of your skin, without having to add another product to your regime. You might just need to update a bottle you’re using: the face wash.

If you’re like most women, you wear makeup. Whether it’s just a bit of concealer, blush and eyeliner or your makeup routine is lengthy, washing it off well at the end of the day is extremely important. And a face wash that deeply penetrates your skin is the best way to do this.

The cool thing is, you don’t have to simply use your face wash twice to get that double clean. You’ll just end up going through more product. Instead, choose a face wash product like our Double-Cleansing Botanical Cleanser.

What is ‘double’ effect? We’re glad you asked. This advanced, lightweight face wash combines the distinct oil properties followed by that summery, fresh light foam. When you apply this unique combination to the skin, it removes oil-based impurities, makeup and any ‘day’ accumulation. There’s your clean canvas. Then, when you add water, this face wash transforms into a soft, milky lather for deep down cleansing.

Double cleansing doesn’t mean product wastage. Rather, having one product embody two different face wash styles. It’ll clear your skin, plus penetrate deep into the layers of your skin to empower it. Cool huh?

The Nerium face wash takes this one step further, introducing anti-ageing components.

Dermatologically tested, our face wash is ideal for all complexion types. It has a pH that works with your skin, not against it. By removing the effects of air pollution on the surface, it ‘erases’ the damage done during the day.

And we do it by including these botanically-powerful anti-ageing ingredients in our face wash.



A blend of sea whip extract, betula platyphylla japonica juice and raffinose that, when combined, deeply moisturises the skin. Nerium’s face wash is the only product in the world with this anti-ageing recipe.  


  • Coconut-derived surfactants


To gently cleanse and treat your face, we include sulfate-free surfactants in our face wash.



Derived from lipids, this skin humectant absorbs moisture and supports skin’s natural barrier. It’s one of the reasons why this face wash is one of the best for treating ageing skin.


  • Rosemary leaf & clary sage oils


You’ll love how smooth your skin feels after using our face wash, thanks to rosemary leaf oil. The clary sage is its perfect pair, as it calms and soothes it.



We can’t forget the anti-ageing face wash leader, niacinamide. It’ll keep your face toned and youthfully fighting sagging. 

So, the next time your face wash bottle is running low, try something different: the Nerium Double Cleanser. Makeup, oil and impurities don’t stand a chance.  

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