What To Consider When Buying A New Face Wash

This is the first step in your skincare regime,

Get your face wash product right.

Moisturisers always get centre stage in anti-ageing discussions. But, let’s put face wash in the spotlight for a moment. Why? Because it’s just as important, given it’s that it’s the first product you use.

If your skin isn’t clean or clear, it’s going to make the lotion, toner or eye cream less effective. So, your choice of face wash shouldn’t be made quickly. It’s easy to go with just any well-known supermarket brand. As long as my face looks clear, right?

Sure, if that’s all you want it to do. But, a good face wash will also have ingredients that heal and bring harmony to your skin (that’s been subjected to makeup, pollution and extreme weather all day).

For oily skin, oil control (via a face wash) is critical. You want it to penetrate deeply to help regulate oil production, without leaving your skin feeling dry. A face wash formula that balances pH and will also slow bacteria growth to prevent breakouts.

Our Double Cleansing Botanical face wash is one example. It does everything you need it to – removing makeup and impurities, cleaning off ‘the city’, and leaving it feeling soft. It works in harmony with your skin’s natural pH levels.

Given its botanical ingredients, this face wash helps fight the signs of ageing. It’s all thanks to the skin-conditioning rosemary leaf oil, the toning ingredient niacinamide, and the soothing clary sage oil.

Glycerin, the skin humectant that absorbs moisture, also helps and the Nerium-created exclusive blend, Sea3C™. It’s sea whip extract, betula platyphylla japonica juice and raffinose that, when together, moisturise the skin like no other face wash can.

If you’ve got dry skin, glycerin in face wash will help clear away grime and grease, without stripping natural oils. You need hydration and glycerin as a natural way to boost this. Always choose soap-free face wash formulas, where possible.

Sensitive skin? Balancing your pH levels with a face wash is a great strategy, as your skin can get dry or irritated when pH is out of whack. Avoid bubbly, sudsy face wash and skin products.

And if your skin is a bit of everything, you need a formula that balances a complete clean with a healthy serve of hydration. So, you want a cleanser that’ll remove grime, without stripping moisture, while protecting the skin’s lipid barrier. Our face wash locks in natural moisture while cleansing surface oil.

Use the Double-Cleansing face wash in the day and night, before you apply your moisturiser. It’s the wash for every face.

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