Why Are Acne Scars so Hard to Minimise?

acne scarsAcne scars need more than Bio-Oil.

What’s the one skin issue women are most self-conscious about? Well, there’s probably a few, but we hear about this one often – acne (and acne scars).

If you’ve read our articles before you’ll know it’s best to take a preventative approach through your skincare. This will stop pimples from forming and the acne scars that follow. But it’s not always the case. Sometimes those pesky spots pop up and acne scars form. The hardest part with acne scars is they don’t go away fast (but more on this part soon).

First, let’s talk a little bit about what causes acne scars. So, acne scars are linked to inflammation. When an inflamed pore is filled with excess oil and dead skin cells, bacteria grows. These pores swell, forming a skin lesion. When these lesions burst, the infection ‘spills onto the surface’ and destroys healthy tissue.

To repair it, the skin intuitively forms new collagen fibres. If an overproduction occurs, this results in a raised scar. And an underproduction of collagen? This leads to a pitted acne scar (an atrophic scar).

And acne scars don’t just form because you’ve picked the pimples (gross, we know).

But, back to the treatment. While acne scars have a longer life than the pimple itself, this doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of them. If you have serious acne scarring, it might be worth visiting a dermatologist to see if there’s anything specific you need to do.

The acne scar solution dermatologists recommend.

Our Age IQ day and night moisturiser is an anti-ageing solution (as you know), but it’s perfect for treating acne scars, too. We mentioned that scars form due to inflammation and this is something that our solution addresses. Age IQ doubles as an acne scar treater (and preventer) thanks to a range of ingredients. You’ll only find these three scar minimisers in Nerium’s products, as they’re our patented, scientifically-engineered blends.

SIG-1273® boosts the skin’s ability to combat the oxidative stress that can lead to discolouration.

The super antioxidant blend, SAL-14™, helps address existing damage and add moisture to the skin. TC3-Armor, the exclusive blend of trehalose, glycerin and chia seed extract, reduces the impact of skin stressors.

Reducing scars takes patience and a long-term approach. And Age IQ is one of the best ‘tools’ you can use. Try it today under our 30-day guarantee program and see what you think.

Those scars will start to dull, as your skin brightens, naturally.

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