Why Most People Use Skin Moisturiser That Doesn’t Work Well

Searching for a good skin moisturiser?  

It’s as hard as finding that hairdresser.

Ladies, we all know the rule: When we find a good hairdresser, do not let her go. We’ve all had try-out hairdresser experience, we’d prefer to forget. The same goes for our skin moisturisers. After years of trial and error, half-full skin moisturiser bottles thrown in the trash, it’s great once you find a solution that works.

Sadly, this isn’t always the case. And the issue is, many people don’t realise that there’s more to a skin moisturiser than reducing dryness. A good skin moisturiser will empower you and work in harmony with your body’s largest organ. It will perform various, preventative and healing actions that help reduce the signs of ageing.

When you pick the right skin moisturiser, you’ll know the difference. There won’t be any redness, tingling, spots or breakouts. And it won’t just feel good. After a few weeks using a skin moisturiser like ours, you’ll see visible improvements.

The truth is, most skin moisturisers that you see on supermarket and chemist shelves are packed with damaging ingredients. Ironically, some dry your skin out. Many of these ‘skin moisturisers’ contain alcohol. And while that fruity fragrance smells good, it’s not natural. And your skin can tell.

If you see a skin moisturiser with fragrances and preservatives, stay away from it. They’ll turn your complexion into a flaky, dry mess. Always look for naturally fragrant skin moisturisers (and other products).

The botanicals that infuse our skin moisturiser are the South American plant, bidens pilosa, mauritia flexuosa fruit oil, paeonia albiflora root extract and aloe barbadensis leaf water.

So, when looking for a skin moisturiser, remember that it’s meant to do so much more than reducing dryness. Switch to Nerium’s anti-ageing skin moisturisers to keep your complexion youthful. It’ll reduce wrinkles (while preventing future lines), tighten and firm your skin, lessen that inevitable sag, fight discolouration and give you that energised look.

And because it will perform all these actions, it’s okay to pay a little bit more for quality. While it’s tempting just to spend $10 on a bottle of lotion, your skin deserves more than this. It needs certain nutrients – ingredients that our scientists have spent decades researching and using as the basis for our products.

Try them for yourself and see.

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