Why You Need a Day & Night Moisturiser

Protector by day, healer at night.

Having both night and day moisturiser isn’t exactly something our Mum’s taught us when we’re young. Maybe you haven’t even heard of such a thing: that they’re both needed because they serve different purposes.

You see an ad for a ‘day moisturiser’ and wonder, what’s the difference between a day moisturiser and one you use at night. Why bother with two, when you can save your money and just have one: a day moisturiser that you use at night, too?

It’s a logical question, we get it. But, as skincare experts, we’re going to tell you why having a night and day moisturiser is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

Your skin responds differently in the morning and night.

Did you know, your skin has its own biorhythm. So, the day moisturiser will help support that activity, as will your night version. To keep your skin looking the best around the clock, invest in both a day moisturiser and a night lotion.

And guess what? You don’t even need to spend more to do this. Instead of doubling up on your day moisturiser, you’re only using that once a day and picking up the night lotion. You simply have two products instead of one.

This is how your skin performs once morning comes,

And why you need a day moisturiser.

Throughout the day, you’re exposed to external elements such as the sun, so you need protection and hydration. A good day moisturiser will hydrate your skin and shield it against environmental influences. A powerful day moisturiser is also packed with antioxidants that neutralise free radicals and guard your skin’s cells against oxidative stress.

If you’re outside a lot, a good day moisturiser is a must-have to maintain that youthful, beautiful complexion. Remember that the number one cause of ageing is sunlight.

Now, let’s look at night time. These are the restorative hours where your skin regenerates after running at full speed all day. Unlike your day moisturiser, your night lotion is thicker and designed to support the body’s natural healing process. There’s no need for protection, unlike the day moisturiser, but the consistency will shield against wrinkles caused by bedding.

Age IQ, our day and night moisturising set will deliver specific botanical ingredients to your skin when it needs it most. See the difference that splitting your moisturising into two makes?

Here are your new night and day moisturiser combo, Age IQ. While they’re separate products, they work in harmony with each other creating healthier skin.

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