Why You’ll Never Go Back After Using A Botanical Face Wash

Organic is all the rage right now,

But it’s more than a trend.   

The organic movement is more popular than ever today. Go to a café and you’ll see superfoods and green juices. Browse the supermarket and there’s an entire section dedicated to ingredients like maca powder and chia seeds.

Then, jump online and a quick search will bring up thousands of natural skincare products, like a botanical face wash. When we think of gentle, anti-ageing products, creams and lotions usually come to mind. But, by using a botanical face wash, you can get the first step right: cleansing.

If you’ve suffered from a slight burning sensation, dryness or peeling, a rash, a sudden tan pigmentation, it’s time to switch to a botanical face wash. It might not be the moisturiser you’re lathering on afterwards, that’s causing you problems.

Supermarket-bought vs. botanical face washes.

Let’s take a look at the differences between a botanical face wash and one you’d buy in the supermarket. And no, not in the organic aisle. We’ll use any standard (non-botanical face wash) as an example.

Garnier’s daily scrub has fragrance and alcohol in it. And what does this mean for your skin? Well, it’s bad news. And the opposite of what a botanical face wash will do.

The fragrance is one of the most skin-agitating, allergenic ingredients. Unlike a botanical face wash, fragrance-infused cleansers can trigger allergies, asthma, eczema, headaches, hives, irritations, nausea, and psoriasis. As we said, bad news. And this is just the results of the fragrance component.

Now, what about a botanical face wash? Well, we can only speak about our own botanical face wash, not others. But, we do know this: choosing a botanical face wash is always a better option.

What’s in ours? Every ingredient in our botanical face wash has been selected for a specific purpose. There’s sea whip extract for its moisturising properties. Glycerin, derived from lipids, to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. Rosemary and clary sage oils for conditioning and soothing effects and citrus grandis for its natural capabilities of fighting acne.

See the difference? A botanical face wash is designed to help and heal the skin, rather than hinder it. Our double-cleansing botanical face wash is approved by dermatologists and works in harmony with your skin’s natural pH levels. It’s gentle, yet powerful.

If you work in the city or out in the outdoors, taking care of your skin with a fast-acting natural face wash is important. But even for our office workers reading this, hydrating your skin is essential, especially because you’re in an air-conditioned room for over eight hours.

Start your skincare regime right, with a botanical face wash. You won’t go back, trust us.

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