Why Your Skin Type Doesn’t Matter as Much as You Think

It’s the golden rule of beauty…  

Know your skin type.

But, is it really that important?

When we’re talking about beauty, then yes, it’s important. Nothing’s worse than choosing the wrong foundation, only to walk out the front door and be greasy minutes later. Or, the powder dries out your complexion.

It takes trial and error to find out what works for you. But when it comes to your skincare lotion, it’s not as essential as you think. Why? Well, like we always say, it’s not so much what your skin type is, but rather, what’s in your skincare lotion.

You can have a sensitive complexion and choose a skincare lotion that’s designed for you. But, there could be an ingredient in it that doesn’t agree with you. A coin-sized drop of the skincare lotion could send your face into an inflamed, agitated mess – all while you thought you had a skincare lotion that’s designed for ‘sensitive.’

So, if we could give you one piece of advice, it’s this. Know the ingredients in your skincare lotion, better than what the label’s telling you.

Understand what works for your complexion and what doesn’t. Have you experienced issues after using a particular skincare lotion? Go back and check what was in it. It’s probably happened a few times with different skincare lotions, so you should be able to draw comparisons.

Once you know the skincare lotion ingredients that your body ‘doesn’t like’, you can avoid them. It’ll help guide you when you’re buying other products, not just your skincare lotion.

You know that we talk about (and use) botanical ingredients in our skincare lotion. Yes, they’re safe to use on your skin but more than that, they won’t cause damage – the type that accelerates ageing.

The skincare lotion that hydrates, heals and re-energises.

And can work on all skin types.

Yep, you read that right. Our skincare lotion, Age IQ, can be used for every type of complexion, at any age. That’s the beauty of a skincare lotion that focuses on ingredients, not sales pitches.

The botanical ingredients we’ve curated for our skincare lotion perform certain jobs. The antioxidants bidens pilosa and mauritia flexuosa fruit oil, for example, helps address discolouration. Our blend of trehalose, glycerin and chia seed extract act as a shield from environmental impurities.

So, yes, get to know your skin type, but don’t let it be the compass for all your skincare lotion and product decisions.

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